Dr. agr. Volker Kleinhenz

Welcome to the personal homepage of Dr. agr. Volker Kleinhenz

As an agronomist with regional experience spanning SE and S Asia, the Middle East, Australia and Europe, I specialize in developing, implementing and managing locally adapted higher-tech production systems for greenfield and existing fruit & vegetable, rice, corn and other cropping systems.

Besides my expertise in open-field and greenhouse irrigation, fertilization, plant protection and other agronomic technologies, my experience in agricultural research and rural development is documented in multiple publications.

Vegetable cultivation in Cambodia Vegetable cultivation in India

This section provides my Curriculum vitae. Please contact me for more information about my availability for long- and short-term assignments and consultancies.

Banana production in Oman Corn production in Thailand

This section provides an overview of my publications.

Greenhouses in India Greenhouses in Thailand

This page shows a number of presentations developed during my occupations.

Tablegrape production in India Tablegrape production in Greece

This page presents packages of cultivation practices for different crops.

Transplanted rice in Thailand Direct-seeded dry-season rice in Cambodia

This page shows the global locations and pictures taken during my work.

Gac production in Vietnam Safe plant protection in Vietnam

Please contact me through this page.

Pivot cultivation in Saudi Arabia Pivot cultivation in Egypt