This section provides an overview of my presentations.

Plant protection

Plant protection products opportunity in Thailand


Importance of water in agriculture

Sample irrigation case studies

Geography-Crop matrix

Indonesia oil palm plantations

Malaysia oil palm plantations

Thailand oil palm plantations

Irrigation demonstration installation in Thailand

Greenhouse irrigation control

Corn production systems

Corn production system Indonesia

Corn production system Philippines

Corn production system Thailand

Medicinal crop production

Medicinal crop production

Production of Gac (Momordica cochinchinensis)

Gac Analysis Report

Recommendation for herbal crop production in Dalat

Tropical agriculture

Challenges for Cambodian rice production

Improving sustainable agriculture in the Tonle Sap region

Rural Development activities in Kampong Chhnang

Memorandum of Agreement PDA Kampong Chhnang, East-West Seeds International and GIZ

Tropical horticulture

Fruit and vegetable open-field production in Zambia proposal

Greenhouse vegetable production in Oman proposal

Horticulture in the tropics with special reference to subsistence and commercial farming systems

Crop management and postharvest practices for improving environmentally sound production of high-quality vegetables

Integrated Cropping Systems for Year-round Intensive Vegetable Production in the Lowland Tropics

Tropical tomato

Protected cultivation - an approach to sustainable vegetable production in the humid tropics

Developing agronomic practices for protected cultivation of tomatoes in the humid tropics

Determining and optimizing canopy structures of tomato

Biomass development of tomatoes under protected cultivation in the humid tropics

Optimizing the canopy architecture of tomatoes in protected cultivation


Growth and development of bamboo

How to manage bamboo growth

Manipulating growth and development of bamboo

Managing the environment for bamboo production

Agronomy of bamboo

Postharvest practices for bamboo shoots

Other uses for bamboo

National bamboo project

Bambus in Australien

Completed and ongoing bamboo projects

Crop management and packaging for pteserving freshness and reducing pathogens in edible bamboo shoots

Chinese waterchestnut

Effects of Australian Environments on yield and quality of Chinese waterchestnut

Plant nutrition, organic mulches and light management

Photoperiod in Chinese waterchestnut (Eleocharis dulcis)

Postharvest packaging and storage

Maximising shelf-life of Chinese waterchestnut [Eleocharis dulcis (Burm. F.) Hensch]

Commercial horticulture

Field and protected cultivation in India

Commercial horticulture in Kenya

Protected cultivation design and layout

Consolidation of agronomic practices

Compliance with codes of practice - "good agricultural practice" schemes

Implementation of business plan in the field

R&D activities

Commercial agriculture

Forage production under pivot irrigation

Agribusiness (wholesale)

Producer-wholesale-retail-consumer partnership